Green and Black Nail Designs as a Trend of 2018

How to decorate your nails and make sure you are following the trend? What nail designs are considered must-have of 2018? If you do not track nail art trends, we will guide you and will tell you what nail designs are trendy in this season. A stylish manicure matches any look, whether it is the evening toilet or your everyday attire. However, nail designs have something to do not only with beauty and laconism but also with it “convenience.” Read more


Can You Wear Green Eyeshadow for Green Eyes?

Most fashion blogs, articles, and makeup artists claim that the perfect makeup for your eyes is the color opposite to the color of the eyes. Thus, if you have dark brown eyes, green and rose complement them most. If you have blue eyes, you are recommended to wear gold and red colors on the eyelids. And if you are of those who have deep green eyes, you are recommended to use darker colors only. Is it true? Read more